The Botanix Testnet
Powered by the Spiderchain

Welcome to the Botanix public testnet! Remember, since this is a testnet, the tokens have no real value. Happy testing! 

P.S. Be sure to follow us on X @botanixlabs and join our community in Discord and Telegram.

Set up Metamask

Botanix is a fully equivalent EVM: it works with MetaMask right out of the box. If you're not familiar with MetaMask, get started here.


Simply navigate to our Faucet or our Bridge and MetaMask will guide you through the process.


Network Name: Botanix Testnet
Chain ID: 3636
Currency Symbol: BTC
Block Explorer URL:

If you need some pointers on how to connect your MetaMask to the Botanix Testnet, follow MetaMask's instructions here. We recommend using Google Chrome as we noticed some issues with Firefox.

Use Botanix Faucet

If you would like to test the Botanix network but don't have test Bitcoin to bridge, you can request some funds from one of the following faucets:

  1. BotanixX5thWeb
  2. Botanix Faucet
  3. DripDripDrip

Swap tokens

Botanix is super easy to launch new, buy or swap tokens.

Option 1

Navigate to and swap some BTC for USDC or any other token of your choice!

Option 2

Alternatively, you can navigate to and buy some PEPE tokens using the following address:


Congrats, it's that easy to swap tokens on Botanix!

Are you expriencing high gas fees? Manually lower them in MetaMask and your transaction will still go through!

Swap on AvocadoSwap

Bridge funds

Want more testnet Bitcoin? In case you already own some Signet BTC in a wallet, you can easily bridge them onto Botanix using the official Botanix Bridge. If you don't own any Signet BTC but still want to try the testnet, you can get some Signet BTC on one of the following faucets:

You send the Signet BTC to your bitcoin wallet. Next, you simply connect your MetaMask to the Botanix Testnet and follow the on-screen instructions to generate a deposit address. Using the deposit address, you can easily send Signet BTC from your bitcoin wallet to your Botanix wallet.

Botanix Bridge

Want to do more on Botanix?

Here are ideas of other things you can test out on the Botanix testnet: