Spiderchain Testnet
Built by Botanix Labs

Metamask Setup

The Spiderchain EVM is fully compatible with MetaMask without any additional setup. Get started with Metamask here.

Automatic Setup

Navigate to the Spiderchain faucet or bridge. MetaMask will do the rest.

Manual Setup

Network Name: Botanix Testnet
New RPC URL: https://node.botanixlabs.dev
Chain ID: 3636
Currency Symbol: BTC
Block Explorer URL: https://blockscout.botanixlabs.dev/

Follow MetaMask's instructions here for more pointers on connecting MetaMask to the Spiderchain testnet. Firefox users may experience connectivity issues.

Bitcoin Faucet

Using the Spiderchain testnet requires owning some signet bitcoin, which is a testnet copy of real bitcoin. Request signet funds from one of the following Spiderchain faucets:

  1. BotanixX5thWeb
  2. Botanix Labs Faucet
  3. DripDripDrip

Testnet Bridge

Users who already own signet bitcoin can easily bridge these coins to the Spiderchain using the official testnet bridge by Botanix Labs.

Users who don’t own any signet bitcoin but still want to use the bridge (instead of claiming signet coins directly on the Spiderchain as shown in Step 2) can use one of the following faucets:

For more help, read our documentation.

Token Swaps

Creating or swapping tokens on the Spiderchain is easy and fast.

Use Bitzy!

Visit bitzy.app to swap some testnet bitcoin for any other available token.

Or Use AvocadoSwap!

Visit avocadoswap.io to test the swap function using PEPE tokens with the following address:


If gas fees are high, manually lower them in MetaMask and transactions will still complete.

Explore More!

Explore and experiment with the Spiderchain testnet by launching a new token in only a few minutes! Click here to learn more. Or deploy a new dApp! Get started here.


Join the Spiderchain


Be a Spiderchain


Read our guide to becoming a Spiderchain ambassador, and find more information on program rewards, levels, and how to advance!