We’re building a new Layer 2 protocol called the Spiderchain that supports a decentralized financial system running on Bitcoin.

We are secured by decentralized multisigs.

The Spiderchain is a breakthrough in Bitcoin scaling technology that safeguards all funds moved up from the Bitcoin base layer through a web of decentralized mutisigs held by randomized sets of orchestrators.


We are bringing staking

to Bitcoin.

The Spiderchain adds a Proof-of-Stake layer to Bitcoin that unlocks native yield from decentralized applications deployed to the Spiderchain EVM without any consensus changes to Bitcoin Core. Developers can copy-paste their dApps to run in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


We are forward secure.

The Spiderchain introduces forward security to the Bitcoin ecosystem to protect user funds with a focus on removing attack vectors that threaten traditional rollups and centralized multisig designs like malicious staking majorities.


We are first.

Since 2022, Botanix Labs has pioneered a decentralized EVM-equivalent layer on Bitcoin with the groundbreaking cryptography behind the Spiderchain primitive that offers a secure and familiar experience for users and developers.

We are running on Bitcoin.

The Spiderchain is built on Bitcoin without any changes to Bitcoin Core and without relying on other blockchains like Ethereum, Cosmos or Solana. The Spiderchain EVM uses Bitcoin for transaction gas and its settlement layer — everything runs on Bitcoin.

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Read our guide to becoming a Spiderchain ambassador, and find more information on program rewards, levels, and how to advance!